Our thickless manufacturing workshop

Craftsmanship designed for all eternity - made in Germany

thickless Design-Tische sind ein Blickfang

Our top-quality thickless products made by vacopro are the result of meticulouscraftsmanship – in addition to intensive research and development. Over the years, we havecollected a pool of experience in the production of fibre composite materials for variousindustrial applications – and have thus become aware of our passion for carbon fibres(CFRP) and carbon combinations. Since as early as 2012, we have realized several initial designs in a wide variety of customer projects - ranging from a violin carrying case to a racing car chassis and even including technically-complex components in the plant engineering field. For this purpose, we have fine-tuned and perfected the vacuum infusion process in our manufacturing workshop at Merzen (Osnabrück rural district) to match our present requirements.

Unique items for a constantly-growing, international clientele

We – that means a young, dynamic team equipped with the development and productionknow-how of vacopro specialize in the production of tables of exceptional design under the thickless brand, which we make accessible to a large clientele.Each thickless product is tailored to match individual customer specifications. The edges are slim – a mere eight millimetres thick, and towards the centre, the maximum thickness comes to only 27 millimetres. The standard length of the tables ranges from 2 to 3.10 metres. As a special design feature, longer thickless models are available.

thickless Design-Tische halten viel aus
thickless Diesgn-Tische sind technische Perfektion in Vollendung

Extremely stable, easy to maintain , and sustainable due to their simple processing

Apart from their unique aesthetics, the thickless designer tables outshine others due to theirextreme durability and great load-bearing capacity. Furthermore, they require extremely little maintenance and – should it be necessary, against all expectations – can also be easilyprovided with a new finish. Our products and designs "made in Germany” are now enjoying growing popularity on an international scale. Our mission is to combine top design and top-quality materials to perfection - in line with individual customer requirements - to ensure a life in timeless elegance and home interiors perfectly tailored to match the customer’s personal taste.

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