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Experience pure, timeless elegance and durability with custom thickless design tables.
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Thickless designer tables

thickless Design-Tische – Seien Sie gespannt!

Pure elegance - timeless, stable and absolutely beautiful

You are looking for a designer table that corresponds exactly to your passion for individual, timeless, and top-quality design? Do pure elegance and a minimalist design languagedominate your lifestyle and the interior of your home? In that case, the thickless designer tables are made just for you. More precisely - they arecustom-made just for you. Each thickless design table made by vacopro is painstakingly handcrafted as a unique specimen in our manufacturing workshop at Merzen. They are made of the innovative lightweight material carbon fibre.

thickless Design-Tische – Pure Eleganz!
thickless tcarbon gloss Tisch Perspektive
carbon gloss
Coatings with a unique aura
thickless true carbon Tisch Perspektive
true carbon
A sophisticated pure carbon fibre appearance
thickless carbon timber Tisch Perspektive
carbon timber
Inspiring combinations made up of fine timber
(2020 awarded with the Red Dot Award)

As precious and durable as a diamond - but considerably more flexible

Carbon fibres provide strength and lightness in equal measure. In this way, each thicklessproduct is as precious and durable as a diamond - but thanks to its unique statics it isconsiderably more flexible. So we combine architectural elegance with great strength – andthe personal touch that you as the customer determine of your own accord.

Thickless designer tables are available in a virtually infinite number of variations. To help you choose, here we present three basic patterns to you.

Experience top craftsmanship and engineering skills made in Germany – embodied in ourthickless designer tables. Get in touch with us to find out more about your creative possibilities.

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